Charity Gala

The Fundraising Gala is one of the key pillars of the Global Empowerment Fund. We will establish the event as an annual initiative for the entire INSEAD community as well as for our private networks. The gala will be held at the Théâtre de Fontainebleau. Come enjoy an elegant 3-course seated dinner with a suprise along the night!

What is included?

Dinner & Drinks

Enjoy a great multi-course dinner with your friends and fellow classmates at the Théâtre.


Shandana HK
Ms Khan holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and Johns

Hopkins with over 30 years of experience in rural, community-driven development in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She is the CEO of the Rural Support Programme Network, having dedicated her life to improving the socioeconomic conditions of the poor and marginalised.

Art Performances & Auctions

Watch and listen to a variety of outstanding art performances throughout the night. 

Global Empowerment Fund Gala

The INSEAD Charity Gala hosted by the Global Empowerment Fund (previously the Funds For Good) is around the corner!

Yes WE ARE BACK! After a series of #FFGAuctionDays events and a successful online Auction Night last year, #theGlobalEmpowermentFund will host another #INSEADCharityGala on February 12th at the Theatre de Fontainebleau!

With the Gala Night 2024 taking place at the elegant theatre well-served over a 3-course dinner and wines, our goal remains the same: we want to re-draw attention to the impact of the conflict on women in #Afghanistan and raise capital for the Afghanistan program of Women for Women. The entire community including MIMs, MBAs and #INSEAD Alumni are welcome to join the event and enjoy a wonderful night!

Ticket sales for the INSEAD Charity Gala Night 2024 are open now! Buy your tickets now by scanning the QR codes below or buy them here (MIMs and MBAs). We are looking forward to seeing you in Fonty!

You are invited

The Funds For Good Charity Gala is an event for everyone. Our historical and beautiful venue, the Théâtre de Fontainbleau.

We are looking forward to welcome:

  • All INSEAD students
  • INSEAD faculty
  • INSEAD alumni
  • Family & Friends