The Global Empowerment is an annual MIM initiative at INSEAD aims to raise awareness and funds for social issues around the world. This year we have partnered with RSPN which is the largest development network in Pakistan, to break the poverty cycle in Pakistan through social mobilisation. They Provide social guidance, technical and financial assitance to the rural poor. We hope to ralley the INSEAD community behind this cause and help the organization augment one of their existing programs which supports women traditionally marginalised in the banking sector. Through auctions, online fundraising and a charity gala, Global Empowerment Fund strives to bring this program to life.



The mission

The GEF initiative was brought to life by MIM students that have previously been involved in refugee support and female leadership empowerment all over the world. We are given a voice because of the education we have received, and we wish to empower many more women by giving them a voice.

The cause

RSPN (Rural Support Programmes Network) espouses a common goal to rural development: social mobilisation- centred on the belief that those in poverty have the potential to lift themselves up if they organize and are provided technical and financial support. RSPN works closely with government, donors, and communities in Pakistan to promote this approach. They also work with rural men and women to release their potential abilities and skills so as to build their knowledge and enable them to decide their own development priorities.The purpose is to break the cycle of poverty, both economic poverty and ‘poverty of opportunity.

Our impact

Impact Lottery

For INSEAD’s SDG Week we co-organized a webinar about The future of Afghan women’s education: NPO’s response to new challenges


Our initiative supports foundations that educate the world about women’s right to education and help where help is needed the most, especially in Afghanistan.

Auction Night

To raise more funds, we will hold an Auction Night on the night of 12th February with amazing items. All profits will be donated.

Organisations we support