Thank you for an amazing auction night and your generous contributions!

The MIM initiative at INSEAD aims to raise awareness of women’s right to education in Afghanistan. Through webinars, online fundraising and a charity gala, Funds for Good strives to educate future leaders and businesses and collect funds for selected women’s organisations supporting Afghan women and girls.



The mission

Funds for Good is a Master in Management initiative at INSEAD, brought to life by students that have previously been involved in refugee support and female leadership empowerment all over the world. We are given a voice because of the education we have received, and we wish to empower many more women by giving them a voice.

The cause

In the wake of the recent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is upending the progress made in gender equality over the last 20 years, Funds for Good aims to support Afghan women and girls and their right to education. In order to have a tangible impact, Funds for Good is collecting donations for Women for Women International and Save the Children, who support women of all ages, both in Afghanistan as well as outside of the country, to helping female refugees who had to flee the country.

Our impact

SDG Week

For INSEAD’s SDG Week we co-organized a webinar about The future of Afghan women’s education: NPO’s response to new challenges


Our initiative supports foundations that educate the world about women’s right to education and help where help is needed the most, especially in Afghanistan.

Auction Night

To raise more funds, we will hold an Auction Night 0n 1st February with amazing items. All profits will be donated.

Organisations we support


On behalf of the Funds For Goods team, we regret to inform you that the planned Gala on the 16th of January can no longer take place in person, nor will be held on the 16th.
The change is caused by the rise of the Omicron variant in France. Under the current regulations, we could not run the event in a way that meets our guests’ and our team’s expectations, as the venue and caterer do not allow us to serve drinks or food. In addition, we do not want to risk the health of the INSEAD community and the consequences of covid clusters, such as quarantine for all attendees.
For the Funds for Good team, this was an extremely difficult decision to make, after having been working towards this night for 5 months.
Luckily, with resilience and creativity, we have been able to come up with an alternative plan, building on the original agenda of the Gala: The Funds for Good Auction Night!
In this online event happening end of January, we auction the amazing items we had originally received for the Gala to raise funds for women in Afghanistan. You can bid on wine tours, outstanding art, Michelin dinners, and much more. We sincerely hope and believe you will support the event and the cause, and have no doubts that it will still be an experience.