An INSEAD MIM initiative

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Our Mission

Funds for Good is a Master in Management initiative at INSEAD, brought to life by students with experience in female empowerment and refugee support all over the world. Our education has given us a voice, and we wish to empower many more women by giving them a voice. In the wake of the recent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, we wish to influence businesses to become a force for good globally.
As part of one of the most impactful business school networks in the world, we aim to unite our student and alumni forces to raise awareness on women’s right to education in Afghanistan. Our initiative collects funds for women foundations and connects our networks with socially responsible corporations.

Our Cause

Despite living in the 21st century, education for girls and women is not a given formany, especially in crisis countries. [give some facts to prove pressing need] Also, the current events in Afganistan remind us of the pressing need to change and support women’s education once again.
Women education presents the most essential area of individual and societal empowerment. It enables girls and women to live a more indeptend life, push positive change within their society and progress their home-country. In sum, they get empowered to play a central role within their community.

Organisations we strive to support:


The MIM Fundraising Gala is a key element of the initiative Funds for Good, launched by INSEAD MIM students willing to embody the force for good that moves society. We aim to establish the event as an annual tradition among the INSEAD family, that will symbolize the change that we want to embody.

The location of the gala will celebrate the historical landmarks of Fontainebleau, with at least 300 people attending. During the ceremony, an online and offline auction will be hosted and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the Malala Fund to empower refugee Afghan women.

Several renowned people are expected to give a speech during the event.


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